• How to find the model number

    Instructions work for both iPhone and iPad

    The model number will start with ‘A’ and is 5 digits long

    Option 1

    Look in Settings

    If your device is unusable, see option 2

    Go to Settings > General > About.

    To the right of Model, you'll see the part number.

    - It starts with M.


    We need the ‘A’ number, not the ‘M’ number

    Tap the M number to get the A number

    Option 2

    Look on your device

    iPhone 8 or later

    (Older model - scroll down)

    To find the model number, remove the SIM tray and look in the SIM tray slot.


    Make sure that you're in a place with bright light overhead.


    The model number is on the upper side—the side with the display.

    iPhone 7 or earlier / iPad / iPod

    Find the model number on the back of your device.

  • Identify your iPhone model

    iPhone 11 Pro

    Model number: A2160, A2217, A2215

    Year introduced: 2019

    iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Model number: A2161, A2220, A2218

    Year introduced: 2019

    iPhone 11

    Model number: A2111, A2223, A2221

    Year introduced: 2019

    iPhone XS

    Model number: A1920, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2100

    Year introduced: 2018

    iPhone XS Max

    Model number: A1921, A2101, A2102, A2103, A2104

    Year introduced: 2018

    iPhone XR

    Model number: A1984, A2105, A2106, A2107, A2108

    Year introduced: 2018

    iPhone X

    Model number: A1865, A1901, A1902

    Year introduced: 2017

    iPhone 8

    Model number: A1863, A1905, A1906

    Year introduced: 2017

    iPhone 8 Plus

    Model number: A1864, A1897, A1898

    Year introduced: 2017

    iPhone 7

    Model number: A1660, A1778, A1779

    Year introduced: 2016

    iPhone 7 Plus

    Model number: A1661, A1784, A1785

    Year introduced: 2016

    iPhone 6s

    Model number: A1633, A1688, A1700

    Year introduced: 2015

    iPhone 6s Plus

    Model number: A1634, A1687, A1699

    Year introduced: 2015

    iPhone 6

    Model number: A1549, A1586, A1589

    Year introduced: 2014

    iPhone 6 Plus

    Model number: A1522, A1524, A1593

    Year introduced: 2014

    iPhone SE

    Model number: A1723, A1662, A1724

    Year introduced: 2016

    iPhone 5s

    Model number: A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533

    Year introduced: 2013

    iPhone 5c

    Model number: A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532

    Year introduced: 2013

    iPhone 5

    Model number: A1428, A1429, A1442

    Year introduced: 2012

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